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Do not contact the OCC unless you have first contacted NYCHA regarding a particular mold or leak problem and are dissatisfied with NYCHA’s performance.

Common Reasons to Submit a Complaint

The OCC receives complaints by Residents who have already contacted the NYCHA CCC but still have concerns about mold, leaks and any associated repairs that have not been completed properly or have not been completed on time. 

  • You scheduled a mold inspection or the repair of a leak and NYCHA did not show up for the appointment.
  • NYCHA conducted a mold inspection but did not tell you the next step in the repair process.
  • NYCHA scheduled a mold or leak repair and it has taken longer than the required 15 days to complete the repair and this is causing a problem for you. 
  • NYCHA started the mold remediation process and/or leak repair work but did not complete it and did not provide you with a follow-up appointment date to complete the repair.
  • NYCHA completed the mold or leak repair but the work was unsatisfactory or did not solve the problem.
  • NYCHA completed the mold or leak repair but the problem came back again even though NYCHA tried to repair it. 

Picture of the Ombudsperson - César de Castro


NYCHA is under a court order to effectively remediate mold and excessive moisture in a timely fashion. The Court has appointed César de Castro as the Ombudsperson to consider complaints from Residents if NYCHA fails to comply with that order. Mr. de Castro will address NYCHA residents’ complaints about leak, mold and excess moisture repair orders. Mr. de Castro and the OCC, which works under Mr. de Castro’s direction, are completely independent of NYCHA.

Mr. de Castro is an experienced litigator whose practice focuses on criminal defense, corporate investigations, commercial litigation, and appellate litigation.  Mr. de Castro is a former judicial law clerk and prosecutor who has been practicing law for nearly twenty years.  He has also served as an adjunct law professor of legal writing and is currently an adjunct professor of criminal law.    


Open a New Work Order

To open a new work order ticket, contact NYCHA's customer contact center (CCC) by calling 718-707-7771 - Link

Information Regarding Mold Busters

Mold Busters is NYCHA’s program to effectively and efficiently remediate mold. It is a vital part of NYCHA’s commitment to providing residents with the healthy and safe homes they deserve. To report mold or a leak in your apartment and initiate the Mold Busters process, call the Customer Contact Center (CCC) at 718-707-7771 or use the MyNYCHA app. - Link

Information Regarding Reasonable Accommodation Requests

For more information regarding NYCHA’s Reasonable Accommodation Application, please visit the link provided.  Applications should be submitted to your local Property Management Office.  - Link

Revised Consent Decree

On April 17, 2014, Judge William H. Pauley of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York approved a consent degree obligating NYCHA to abate mold and excessive moisture and their root causes in a timely and effective manner (the Consent Decree). In July 2018, the court approved the Revised Consent Decree, which among other things, included the appointment of an independent Ombudsperson - Link

Ombudsperson Appointment

On September 20, 2019, the Court appointed César de Castro as the Ombudsperson. Mr. de Castro has been approved to serve in this role until December 31, 2020, to address NYCHA residents’ complaints about leak, mold and excessive moisture repair orders - Link

Baez v. NYCHA – Lawsuit Documents

Information and documents associated with Baez v. NYCHA - Link